smartphone battery explosion

The Reasons For That Happen Smartphone Battery Explosion

The reasons for that happen smartphone battery explosion. The lithium-ion battery is the most commonly used smartphone at the moment. Outside of it, there are electric cars and aircrafts used. Smartphone battery explosion,  lithium-ion battery is safer than other batteries, its use is increasing everywhere. However, the explosion that does not occur in the lithium-ion battery is not the same. Like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the explosion in the battery of the phone reached such a stage that the phone was finally banned from all sides.

A few days ago, HP told about the battery problems of several models of laptops. Occasionally reports of battery explosion of various phones are also available.

smartphone battery explosionTo know why a lithium-ion battery explodes, it is necessary to know about the structure of lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries have two electrodes – a positive ion cathode, the other negative anion’s anode. It is a thin plastic screen that separates the two parts.

When the lithium-ion battery is charged, electrolyte or lithium ions from the cathode are propelled to the part of the anode because of the force applied. Likewise, when the cost of the battery is spent or decreases, there is a completely opposite incident. Lithium ions then ran from anode to cathode.

Usually, there is a cell of lithium ion in small batteries, especially the smartphone battery. There may be lithium-ion cells up to 6 to 12 in laptop batteries or other large batteries. More than one hundred lithium-ion cells are used in electric cars or aircraft batteries.

Why The Explosion Happened

For this reason, the explosion occurred in such a battery for the same reason that lithium-ion batteries are so much workable. Lithium-ion is unrivaled in battery power saving. When the stored energy is spent slowly, the battery is safe. But the blast occurred only when the lithium-ion battery wants to release all the power stored on it once. When a thin screen that separates the anode and cathode of the battery is not working or the anode and the cathode become interconnected due to the damage, the battery gets hot. This resulted in the fire on the battery with a short circuit and the explosion occurred.

For some reason, the thick plastic screen on the anode and cathode may be a problem. It includes-

Design And Production Problems

smartphone battery explosion

If there is a rift in the battery design, then this problem may be due to two electrodes in the battery and not enough space between the separate screen. Battery electrodes can be caused by charging a short circuit after charging. Even if there is no problem with the design, it may be due to production problems.

External Effect

Battery explosion may occur if the outside temperature is too high. The middle separator may be damaged due to a battery or phone repeatedly or due to an external injury to the battery.

Problems With Charger

smartphone battery explosionDue to the error in the charger, lithium-ion batteries may be damaged, from which explosion occurs. Lithium-ion batteries have special arrangements to prevent additional charges. However, due to the failure of any case due to excessive charging, the battery gets hot due to the explosion. If the charge is completed then the phone will be removed from the charger. Apart from charging the phone’s charger with low-quality charger, you will have to refrain from charging the phone.




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