foldable smartphone 2018

The Foldable Smartphone 2018 Coming in This Year

The foldable smartphone 2018 coming in this year. The foldable smartphones conversation has been heard for a while. Recently a Korean website reported that the official launch of this year is going to be officially launched by the fallible smartphones. In the first phase, 100,000 units of the foldable smartphone 2018 will be released in the market. This phone will work as a 7-inch tablet without folding.

foldable smartphone 2018

Samsung has already started working on this technology. But recently it is known that Huwai is doing something like this. It’s heard, the company can launch the world’s first ever launched smartphones in November.

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Earlier, a folded smartphone was seen last year as Axon M However, this device is not completely foldable, it has been associated with a separate screen. But Huawei is going to do something on their next phone that will use an OLED technology on the smartphone. This smartphone can use bandwidth OLED technology.

If this news is true then it will be the first phone in the world. Moreover, the company could give Samsung an acronym in this regard.

This smartphone can be launched around November. It is said that the company will compete for face-to-face between the two companies.