strange as nokia phones model

Strange as Nokia Phones Model

Strange as nokia phones model made mobile phone technology in the world at one time was very popular. Nokia was once one of the most famous designs for the phone company. Many of the old mind is still attracted the most iconic Nokia phones.

nokia 7600

Nokia 7600 model phone was released on 2003. Always use two hands to shape the phone had to. The phone looks like a teardrop-shaped became known for strange patterns.

Nokia 7280 It was the lipstick phone. Nokia 7280 phone released on 2005 this strange formation.

nokia 7280

Nokia 3650 introduced the models in world Phone market on 2002. This round, they add a keypad. The Symbian Series 60 OS is used.

nokia 3650

Nokia N 90 left early Nokia mobile phone. One of the 2005 phone and video camera market facilitates the Nokia N 90 Two-megapixel camera with LED n90Nokia 6800 Several experiments conducted with key-pad classic Nokia. Regular phone models 6800 flip pad with a full QWERTY keyboard Nokia kiseta 6800

Nokia 3250 brings a Smartphone models song lover keeping. The bottom side could be rotated in control of the MP3.

nokia 3250





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