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Smartphone Secret Info – Surprise Information About Mobile Phones

Smartphone secret info or surprise information about mobile phones. Mobile phones in the hands of human hands for the benefit of technology. Find out about smartphone secret info. Is surprised information the highest selling mobile company in the history of the world? The price of the first mobile phone was discovered? What can be the disease for radiotherapy from the mobile? Well, let’s know if there is some information related to the mobile phone.

Smartphone Secret Info

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  • When using a mobile phone, keep in mind that the amount of bacteria that you go through toilets, mobile phones means that you connect 18 times more bacteria to it.
  • Have you ever used the Nokia 1100 model? Know that this is the most sold mobile in the history of the world. Over 250 million phones have been sold.
  • In Britain, only one hundred thousand mobile phones fall from the hands of many people in the toilet.
  • In 1983, the first mobile phone that was used in America was worth 4,000 dollars. Bangladeshi currency is about 3 lakh 16 thousand taka!
  • How much money do you pay mobile phone bill yet? The amount of money, you must not have paid more than Selina Arons. Because he has recorded this world. He paid a mobile phone bill of just £ 1,400,000 in a month. The Bangladeshi money which is just about 176 million and 50 thousand only.
  • Studies have shown that the possibility of becoming a brain tumor increases greatly due to radiation out of the mobile. It can be cancerous!




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