oppo f7 2018

The Oppo F7 2018 Smartphone Begin Sell Front Camera 25 Megapixel

The oppo f7 2018 smartphone begin to sell front camera 25 megapixels. Oppo f7 selfie Expert and market leader Oppo, the latest version of the Selfie expert series is going to bring in the market. Artificial Intelligence Enhanced Handset Oppo F7. The oppo f7 smartphone has been enriched with new features and benefits by emphasizing the innovative technologies to make the other space stronger than the youth. Oppo f7 can be found in the market in the third week of this month.

To get a much more real, natural, and self-sophisticated, Oppo adds Artificial Intelligence to the F5 handset for the first time. Now the Oppo f7 is going to come with the second generation artificial intelligence beauty technology 2.0 and more advanced technology.

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* Front Camera 25-Megapixel

oppo f7 2018

25-megapixel artificial intelligence beauty front camera and real-time HDR technology-rich FO7 will always give amazing, bright images in bright sunlight or low light. Pixel’s Contrast and Color Range are arranged in a way that will give a much refined, bright and beautiful picture.

* Sensor HDR Technology

oppo f7 2018


The first 25-megapixel front camera in the industry, as well as the Apollo F7 handset, has built in-built sensor HDR features. the mind-blowing selfie is never thought of Without this feature. The new Oppo F7 sensor HDR technology is a default feature that will ensure the uninterrupted cellphones. It has a combination of all colors and incredible Contrast combinations. For the youth who are much more likely to upload photos through social media, the F8’s powerful hardware will play an important role in speeding up all the pictures of clear and desired light in light. Those who want to get the perfect cell phone, they can use the HDR feature in Artificial Intelligence Beauty Mode. The HDR feature can also be used for video.

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Oppo F7 2018 Other Features:

Oppo F7 brings a number of artificial intelligence favored features. For example,

  • Based on multiple search tags and editing tools, the Artificial Intelligence album will have automatic group photos of the face, space, and scenes. The new part of this album will memorize the pictures of the New Moment special moments, such as the birthday.
  • The Split-Screen Feature Artificial Intelligence Board feature allows users to keep their favorite apps. By recreating emails and text messages, this feature selects meetings and schedules, travel or movie tickets and e-commerce order issues intelligently.

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  • Artificial Intelligence Technology also includes F7 System Management. The AI Manager, which intelligently shares the processing power of the 64-bit Octa-core processor (6GB for the 128GB version), which guarantees the phone to go all-round, it is the previous F5 to 80% better. Artificial Intelligence also manages power consumption to ensure lasting battery life.




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