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New Mobile Games 2018- Smartphone Games Specialized for Mobile Games Lover

New mobile games 2018 or smartphone games specialized for mobile games lover. With the advent of a new smartphone, Now the smartphone has become a popular platform for games. But initially, the smartphones games 2018 meant that all the simplest types of mobile games 2018. But with the span of time, smartphones have started to be created in a variety of strategic games.

New Mobile Games 2018 – Specialized for Mobile Games Lover

which can create equal tension and feel like the mainstream games. Some of these games will be released for smartphones this year, some of them have been mentioned in this post.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

mobile games 2018

The card game is a fantastic game called ‘Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft’. This game made with all the characters of the Warcraft game is available for PC and Mac, iOS and Android will also be released for all smartphones and tablet PCs. This game is free to play between two parties. After collecting all the cards in the game, all the cards have to be collected if the level increases. Gigarars can wait for the game of Blizzard so much for the interest.

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Final Fantasy VI

mobile games 2018

There is nothing to introduce the final fantasy to the gamers. Among the various types of games, the game of the role-playing final fantasy series has received the unique acceptability of the gamers. The latest version of this series is no exception. There are 14 total characters in this version. The game was created initially for Nintendo and Playstation, but this year the Android and iOS version has been added. As a result, the smartphone users can also play this game.


Trials Frontier

mobile games 2018

As a challenging game, the trials franchise has built a strong position. You have to go around a whole bunch of rackets in this game almost everywhere, from place to place. Adventure The story of this game is quite impressive. Going forward in front of the game will become more friends and the challenge will increase. Finally, the game became capable of putting a lot of addictive.

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Tales from the Borderlands

mobile games 2018

Tales from the Borderlands will be released this year as a game of smartphones in Borderlands Universe games. Adventure type role-playing This game will appear with almost all the characters in the original game. But its manufacturer, Telltale, said that the unique gameplay will be added to the original game’s gameplay, in this smartphone version. Whenever the smartphone version will be released, it has not yet been officially reported.

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The scrolls game is made up of a unique combination of strategy and card games. This game made by Mozang was not suitable for playing on the smartphone till now. However, keeping in mind the gamers’ demand, the smartphone version has finally been created. The game will be made for both Android and iOS-based smartphones. So the smartphone gamers can wait for this game.




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