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Mobile Phone Tips – 5 Very Important Tips For Mobile Phones

Mobile phone tips or  very important tips for mobile phones are same. Here we are provide battery saver, best battery smartphone, iphone 6 battery life, iphone 6s battery life, battery app, etc and another smartphone tips that can be help to remove this general problem.

5 Very Important Tips For Mobile Phones

  1. Emergency: If we are outside of network coverage and if no If I can not find the net 112 in this case, then thimobile phone tipss emergency number is all about the phone Useable, according to the information obtained, is that, as soon as you press it, it will find the nearest network for you and connect you with the operator’s Emergency NAVA. Now everyone is in the coverage of the net, right? Just dial once and see if the name will not show the name Emergency!
  2. Unlocking a car: If you have a remote controlled lock system in your car and hold the key one day wrongly locking the door inside the car and unlocking the system on the other mobile phone tipscorner, you can unlock it on mobile. And there must be another remote controlled key, but it will not be in your hands. Suppose the second key is at home, then call someone in the house and keep the mobile phone locked at one foot of the door lock. Then tell the person on the other side of the phone, press the Unlock button on your Remote Key and hold it to the mobile. Hope you will be done. Try it.
  3. Do not understand what to do: It is especially in all Nokia phones Effective. Suddenly our phone’s vmobile phone tipsiolet clarity decreased, It is possible to increase the voice clarity if it is unclear whether it is okay By pressing the code: * 3370 # Mobile phones generally charge some charges and this is the case The code usually increases the efficiency of the phone using that charge, but it is not right to keep the code running, so that the battery becomes weak. So after using it, keep it off by pressing # 3370 #.
  4. If the phone is stolen: These tips may not restore your phone, but you can not mobile phone tipsuse it for your phone. And you can not sell So, the thief should teach a lesson like this: press now * # 06 # Then write a serial code, and write it anywhere. When the phone is stolen, go to the customer care center at your customer service provider or phone company and tell the story open with this name. They will make the phone unusable. Then the thief will enter the new angle sim soon, the diameter of the phone will die forever.

6. Mobile purchases should be checked at: * # 92702689 # This code will appear on the phone’s serial nmobile phone tipso That is, if the phone is the latest, the date of purchase, if anyone is using it earlier If you repair the phone, it will show details of it, if you do not have the repair, 0000 will show, if there is no data transfer from the phone. And to get out of this information, the phone will need to be restarted. Do not know whether the current smart phones work, but Nokia’s previous handsets work.




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