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Android OS Tips & Tricks – Easy & Important Android 7 Life Hack Features

Android os tips & tricks or easy & important android 7 life hack features. The Android operating system is currently running more and more among the up-to-date versions of the market, which is the android 7 nougat. Android os tips, Nugat OS Google has provided some new features as well. They help the Android 7 powered device run better. In many cases, these features of Android Smartphone also make up for the lack of additional apps.

Android OS Tips & Tricks

To use the full features of Android 7, it is important to know about these features. Let’s see what they are.

Informative Settings Menu

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The settings menu of Android nougat is quite informative. It will automatically show you settings suggestions when entering in settings. For example, if you have not changed the phone wallpaper, then when you open the settings, it will show you the suggestion to change the wallpaper. Apart from opening other settings, the items will be listed under the name of the settings. You can see whether the Bluetooth Bluetooth setting is turned on or off without opening the phone’s Bluetooth settings. It will be written down in the list below the setlist.

Quick App Changes

If you press the button on the phone, all the open app’s preview card arrives, pressing the button twice a second, the last used two apps. Think, you are using the Facebook app now, before using messenger app. Now if you press the Multitasking Button twice, then the app that was previously used will appear on the screen. It says ‘Quick App Switching’.

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Split Screen

The Android Nougat operating system comes with a feature ‘Split Screen’ that is convenient for smart device users, allowing you to use multiple apps on the same screen as your smartphone or tablet. Although Samsung and LG have already bought the multimedia feature, the Android 7 comes with the built-in feature.

Quick Settings

The notification panel opens when touching the end of the Android device’s screen and touching the finger down. But in order to swipe the finger down, almost half of the screen is down. On the Android 7 OS, a small part of the screen will swipe to the left when there is a short row of settings in which quick settings can be turned on / off (like WiFi, mobile data, GPS, battery saver). Swiping down a little bit more will bring more detailed settings menu.

Display Size

On the Android phone, you could just have the size of the screen size smaller. But other screen content such as the icon, card, etc. could not be reduced. The DPI scaling coming to the Android version is much like zooming. This allows you to adjust the size of your phone’s entire interface.

GIF Animation

Android 7.1.1 Emoji Modes are available on the Nougat keyboard, where GIF Mood options are available. From the GIF Mood, you can share the animation in the message through messaging app.

Night Mood

The night mood is connected to the stock Android operating system so that the screen’s light does not appear in the eye while using Android devices at night. Some phone makers, however, have added the Knight Mood feature to their devices already, but it’s built-in with Android Nougat version.

Google Assistant

Apple’s iPhone has such a virtual digital assistant app series, like Microsoft’s Windows Phone, and Google has created Google Assistant, which is in the Android version 7. So daily scheduling and note-taking can be much easier now.

Android nougat will work faster than Android versions and spend less power. It also has advanced file-based encryption, safe boot system, and convenient update process. To update Android from this version, the phone does not have to be closed for a long time, but the phone itself will be updated in the background.




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