World's Most Expensive 10 Smartphone

World’s Most Expensive 10 Smartphone

World’s most expensive 10 smartphone it is not simply and trust able price, must be real price of phone. World most expensive and rear element use for this smartphone made and world latest technology used that phone also software lock code used.

World’s Most Expensive 10 Smartphone 

10.Black Diamond VIPN. The phone has two diamond shaped fancy design. Which includes a 3-karat weight rearward and another 0.25 karat Diamond. The price of $ 300,000.World's Most Expensive 10 Smartphone

9.Vrtiu Signature Cobra. The price of $ 310,000. Expensive ston  this phone has been designed by the sliding and the Cobra.World's Most Expensive 10 Smartphone

8.Greso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot. The price of US $ 10 million. The placement of the black diamonds and 200-year-old ayantika setatitei African Blackwood is installed on the phone. But the most valuable part of the phone’s keyboard. There are 17 hyandapalisda Sapphire placement.World's Most Expensive 10 Smartphone

7.Goldabhisa La million. Emanuel guyeita. The phone has been made with 18 karat white gold and the Swiss Supreme hirekhacita usual. The price of 1 million euros.World's Most Expensive 10 Smartphone

6.Diamond Crypto Smartphone. US $ 13 million. 25.5 Princess cut diamonds are studded in 18 karat rose gold on this phone. Very stylish design.World's Most Expensive 10 Smartphone

5.Call of Diamond iPhone 6 ayamosu. The price of US $ 7 million. The main attraction of the phone calls from the back of a 51.29 karat cushion cut diamond is the shape of the logo Apple. Nor hirete covered throughout 6127 in all this phone has the diamonds.World's Most Expensive 10 Smartphone

4.Kings Button iPhone 3G. Peter ayalayasanera this phone is designed to create three types of 18-karat gold. There is a 6.6 karat diamond home button. Moreover, perfect display screen with 138 diamonds have been set manually. The price of US $ 15 million to 0 million.World's Most Expensive 10 Smartphone

3.Supreme goldastraikara 32 GB iPhone buyers. This phone is designed to WHO Stewart has been thoroughly covered with 136 diamonds and 271 grams 22 karat gold. The Home button has a 7.1 karat diamond. Kashmir has been rare this phone Gold. Animal skin, with inner lining of the phone is no longer expensive. The price of US $ 3 million.World's Most Expensive 10 Smartphone


2.32 GB iPhone 4 Diamond Rose. Hu also designer Stuart. Phones Side panels are covered with 500 diamonds . Rose Gold byakasaida phones have been made and the Apple logo has been designed with 53 diamonds. Centre has been made on the button with a single cut 7.4 karat pink diamond. Not only that, this phone is a solid granite box is delivered to the consumer. In a word royal phone. US $ 80 million.World's Most Expensive 10 Smartphone

1.Black Diamond iPhone 5. WHO designer Stuart. 24 karat gold overlay throughout this phone is made of rare black dayamande, with Sapphire display screen. The price of US $ 1 million to 50 billion.World's Most Expensive 10 Smartphone




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