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Virtual Reality Mobile Game liberation war “Ora 11 Jon”

Virtual reality mobile game liberation war “Ora 11 Jon”. Among the films made in the liberation war, “Ora 11 Jon” is a movie that was discussed in this game. In this digital era, virtual reality mobile games have been created to the real events of the 1971 war in BD. And his name has been given as “Ora 11 Jon”. This mobile game directly tries to focus Bangladeshi liberation war.

Virtual Reality Mobile Game liberation War “Ora 11 Jon”

The whole country was divided into 11 sectors in the war of liberation. The game has been created with this background. And the gamer will have to fight as a freedom fighter in this game. 

virtual reality mobile game

Image Source: Google Play Store

The country will be defeated by defeating the Pakistani occupation force. The red-green flag will fly.

Stages of the game are step by step. Faced with a hostile attitude, the answer to the heavy weapon of the opponent is to answer. This first-person shooter game will have to win without arms, intelligence, and strategy.

virtual reality mobile game

Image Source: Google Play Store

On April 1, the release of the first episode of the game was released by the building company, Babylon Resources. All the episodes of the games were released 2019. the chief executive of the company Liakat Hossain Noyon. He said that he has created this game as part of his efforts to introduce a new generation to the war of liberation.

Requirement For This Virtual Reality Mobile Game

At least 4.4 versions of Android will be required to play the game. RAM should be 2 GB But to play with the Via gear, there will be a 1 GB RAM. In this case, the players will look forward to going forward and auto fire. The game will be played on Windows and iOS platforms soon.




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