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Top Secret Information on iPhone – Unpublished iPhone Info

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Unpublished iPhone Info

The App Store was Not iphone info

In 2007, when the first iPhone came in the market, there was no app store in it. As a result, there was no advantage of downloading the app. The app store, known as the iOS operating system’s digital marketing platform. The app can be downloaded from here. On July 10, 2008, the App Store was launched with just 500 apps. There are more than 2.2 million applications till January 2017.

Case for iPhone

iphone infoSteve Jobs filed a lawsuit against Cisco Apple after immediately renaming the iPhone. But the federal district court of USA lost in the court case Cisco. Apple is allowed to keep their smartphone’s name on the iPhone.

Accepted as a Dominant Technology iphone info

In the year 2016, Time Magazine’s most influential technology came in the top of the list. At the time, Time Magazine lists the top 50 gadgets. According to the magazine, changing the basis of our relationship between computing and information, iPhone is called the most influential product.

100 Million iPhones Soldiphone info

More than 100 million iPhones have been sold in the world, according to the data collected by June 2016, which is one-fourth of the world’s population. Tim Cook, the current CEO of the company at an Apple conference in the United States of Cyprus, said. She said that iPhone is one of the most important in history, changing the world and becoming a successful product. It is consistently champion. It has become an important part of our daily lives. We’ve been able to do what we want to do all day.

iphone infoRetina Screen

iPhone 7 is the most expensive part of iPhones 7’s screen. The retina screen has been used in this. Calculating the price of the component, the price of the screen stands at $ 43.

Approximately 60 Percent of Apple’s Income is From iPhoneiphone info

60 percent of Apple’s total income comes from iPhone sales. In the fourth quarter of 2016 or last October to end 31 December, 7 million 82 million units were sold in the iPhone. Apple’s second highest income is 14 percent when it sells services in the service sector. References: Gadgets Now, Slate, CNN, The Verge.




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