smartphone common problem

The Smartphone Common Problem and Its Solution

The smartphone common problem and its solution. In this digital era, almost all types of phones are used. That phone is Android and iPhone or Windows Phone. The price of the phone or cheaper price may be a problem. Today, we are discussing smartphone common problem and its solution. There are a few common solutions to such problems. Phone screen and touch are often seen in the pocket with a key or another mobile phone. This results in pressure on the screen.

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The Smartphone Common Problem and Its Solution

It can damage the screen as well as damage to the screen. So with any metalwork, The smartphone is not good to keep.


Over Charging iPhone (Integrated Circuits) may be lost. Do not open the smartphone from the charging charge repeatedly. Should be charged continuously. Carefully put the pin without charging more pressure points. Do not use the cheap charger on the market.

Hanging Up

Many times the smartphone hangs. That means nothing does work suddenly. If there is more pressure in memory, it may be possible if more applications are dropped. So a little bit of storage for this Keeping the smartphone should be left blank. Remove apps that are unnecessary or less used.

When Use Wi-Fi Don’t Charge Phone

It reduces the life expectancy of the battery and causes swelling. Can not get Wi-Fi connection due to fall from the hands or sweat. Due to the accumulation of dust in the microphone, there may be problems of sound. For this, be careful with it

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Smartphones can be hot and fast enough to use smartphones, hot apps, photos, videos etc. under the pressure of the app. Normal work such as talking on the phone, SMS.

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The work is not overheated or sent to listen to music. When a lot of work is done together or something bigger, then there is a lot of pressure on the smartphone and it gets too hot.



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