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Smartphones Smart Security Provide 100% Security – Are You Worried About Theft Smartphones?

Smartphones smart security provides 100% security use this. Are you worried about theft smartphones? Smartphones smart security has a lot of modern features. The goal of these features is to catch thief With the help of Headphone, Charger, there will be a high-sounding siren on the phone for a specific time when it is stolen.

Smartphones Smart Security Provide 100% Security

Now a days thamao protects smartphone theft is one of the suitable security things for all smart device user. You should always try to be safe.

1) Headphone Security

On the surveys the headphone was found, the thief opened it and took the phone unoccupied. When this feature is turned on, the headphone is locked when the phone is locked and the loud siren will ring. This is very effective in protecting the bus from the bus.

2) Charging Security

Similarly, on the surveys, the thieves were picked up by the sticks, and the phone was taken away unexpectedly. When this feature is turned on, the phone will lock the screen while locking, the loud siren will sound. It’s very useful to protect phone steals from home or mess.

3) Power Button Disable

After the phone was stolen, the thief first turned off the power of the phone. When this feature is turned on, the phone cannot be closed by pressing the power button while the phone is locked.

IMEI Security

Automatically stop the owner of your phone that you can keep his record. Even before buying a used phone, you can search and see whether the owner of the phone is real or not.

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