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How To Recognize Samsung Clone Phone

How to recognize samsung clone phone this is important thing for samsung smartphone lover. We are provide some tricks that can be make easy to identify clone s6, samsung galaxy edge clone, Samsung copy phone, samsung galaxy s6 clone, Samsung s7 clone, etc and also another smartphone copy or clone identify tricks we are also clone smartphone

In addition to the original phones in the market, many used and fake phones were also sold. Most of Samsung’s fake phones are available in the market.

Recognize Tricks To Samsung Copy Phone

  • A black shape has empty parts around the screen.
  • The original smartphone’s home button will be very close under the screen. There is a little down in the counterfeit, which is not understood if not noticed.
  • If the Samsung logo logo is scratched with nails or something else on the counter, then it is up.
  • False smartphone packets are usually offered with a flip cover, which is not with the original phone.
  • Applying the above methods, if you do not understand that it is not real fake phone then you can take ‘LCD test’. Press * # 0 * # on the phone. If the phone is real, then the LCD screen can be seen instantly. This will never come in fake set.
  • On the original phone * # 1234 # pressed version AP, CP and CSC * serial number, * # 0 * # will show battery status with General Test Mode and * # 0228 #. These ‘codes’ do not work on fake phones.




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