Pepsi Corporation Launch Pepsi Smartphone

Pepsi Corporation Launch Pepsi Smartphone

Pepsi brand want to launch Pepsi Smartphone in the Chinese market over the next few months will be available. However, the phone is not going in the world at this time Pepsi is famous brand of soft drinks. Instead of using a mobile phone maker Pepsi brand name will be the name of the phone.Pepsi Corporation Launch Pepsi Smartphone

Pepsi want to launch Smartphone in this world wide phone market this news published Reuters. Food and Beverage company, known as the Pepsi brand. PepsiCo spokesman told Reuters, making phone now get down to business it is no plan to Pepsi Co. However, in the Chinese market is the creation of a Pepsi phone. The Apparel and Accessories licenses have been sold in the Pepsi brand.Pepsi Corporation Launch Pepsi Smartphone

The details of the phone will create a company in China Pepsi corporation PepsiCo said. However, to protect the good reputation of their brand name have been signed with any of the manufacturers. According to technology website mobipikara on the Smartphone market in China could come.Pepsi Corporation Launch Pepsi Smartphone




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