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Note 8 – Samsung Note 8 Update Price & Full Technical Info

Note 8 or samsung note 8, galaxy note 8, samsung galaxy note 8, galaxy note 8.0,  update price, etc and full technical information available in here.

Samsung Note 8 Update Price & Full Technical Info

There was a buzz about Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 in the series. There were leakages of different types of information. On June 13, Samsung announced a smartphone with a processor in a twitter message campaign on Axis 8895 processor on Twitter. It looks like a Galaxy S8. But a little broad and four corners of size. Most of the time, this is the picture of Galaxy Note 8. After a few days, Samsung has confirmed that this smartphone will be unveiled by August or the end of next month.

note 8

In a recent meeting with reporters in Taiwan, Samsung Mobile’s chief DJ Cole confirmed the information. However, he did not specify any date to be exposed. It is expected that the smartphone will be unveiled on August 23 or 30. Note 7 after Note 8 Samsung’s featured device.

This smartphone is considered as Apple’s iPhone 8 competitor. Everyone is expecting to come in the market in September.

It is expected that the screen will be bigger than the Galaxy S8’s 5.8-inch screen. And it will be 6.3 inches. There are rumors, dual rear camera, Snapdragon 835 processor, 6GB RAM, 64 GB ROM and 3300 ML battery battery. And fingerprint detection technology is behind the smartphone.

Even when unveiled in August, when will the customers get the smartphone from the market? According to Kohl, September or October. It will depend on the condition of the market.




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