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Huawei Wants to Overtake Apple

Apple climbed to second position in the Smartphone market in two years, China Huawei wants to go. Huawei is currently in the third position in the Smartphone market. Samsung in the first place.

On Thursday, Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO Richard Yu told the Reuters news agency his company’s future plans as well as equipment manufacturers Huawei identified up to four billion US dollars in the past few years came in third in the Smartphone market, Huawei.

Yu said at a ceremony in Munich, “Four years ago, when people call us crazy, said the sale was announced. When we’re talking about 10 million phone sales still have been crazy. “

Huawei on Thursday announced a new premium phones. The price of 699Uro (about 61 thousand dollars). Artificial intelligence has been used as a special feature of the phone.

According to market research firm Strategy Analytics, in the third quarter of the year, three million of the 36 million units sold nine percent of the market, Huawei has taken. Four core 55 lakh of 1 percent of the market, Apple has sold 53 million units and seven million to one decimal 0 percent of the phone market, Samsung sold.

Yu said, we want to step behind Apple with innovation after innovation. More to come. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality will come. It’s just like driving. Each will get a chance to go ahead in the competition.”Met 9 through a new Smartphone in Germany, France and the UK market will be occupied by Huawei.

Yu claimed that, in case of a surprise given the designs behind Apple’s flagship from the market ahead of Samsung, Huawei will be taken back to the phone. Huawei will gradually gain consumer confidence and loyalty.




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