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The Dual SIM Phones Can Cause Serious Damage

The dual sim phones can cause serious damage. Dual SIM phone users have increased a lot Someone uses a SIM for the phone. The other is for Facebook Giving someone a SIM office again. Its own SIM is again used for personal purposes. But how dreadful is the use of Dual SIM? Let’s take a look at our negative aspects of using Dual SIM.

  1. Dual SIM has different notifications on your phone screen. For example, location, WiFi, blue tooth, screen rotation, mobile data, GPS, flight mode. On screen, there are many notifications. Once you see that you need to be upset.
  2. Dual SIM usage decreases the life of the phone’s battery life. The phone has to pay for a long time. Always do not have time to charge. Meanwhile, there will be no need to charge the phone during the time of need. Which increases the annoyance.
  3. Dual SIM gain or what? If you use a SIM, the other one is automatic. If two SIMs are not simultaneously turned on, then you need to use Dual SIM or the key.
  4. Using Dual SIM, you can not use Android phones like Lumia 925, Nexus 5, LG G2. Options will be reduced. Because these phones are a single sim.




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