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The 10 Big Mistakes While Charging Smartphone

Smartphone’s battery charge ends quickly. the 10 big mistakes while charging smartphone or battery charger, portable charger, portable phone charger, portable battery charger, phone charger, etc. Many people have suffered from this problem since the purchase of new phones. Smartphone battery life will increase, if you charge properly. How long will the battery backup it depending on how much you are charging in the battery.

 This Method Help To Right Charging Smartphone.

charging smartphone

Wrong Process Charging Effect

  • If there is a protective case or cover on the phone, open it at the time of charging. Because of the charging time, the battery of the phone is normal to light hot. But if there is a cover or case on the phone, the cooling process of the phone is interrupted.
  • There are also many chargers available for fast phone charging. But this method is not good enough to charge the phone. Because, charging a faster phone means sending more voltage than normal to the phone’s battery. As a result, the temperature of the phone increased greatly. Which has a potentially harmful effect on the phone’s battery. In this case, if there is an option in the phone’s battery settings, always choose the option ‘Normal charging bike’.
  • Always charge the phone with the phone’s own charger. If the charger you are using with the phone’s own charger does not match, then the battery affects battery performance, charging power and battery life. If any other charger is charged on the phone, check with the original charger of the phone to match the output voltage (v) and current (ampere) rating of the other chargers. Also note that the charger is not allowed by the phone manufacturer company at the same time.
  • It’s not OK to charge the phone overnight. As a result of this, there is a risk of phone battery loss due to overcharaging.
  • Never use cheap chargers. Because such chargers do not have the ability to withstand the problem of varying voltage, overcharasing. If the charger is damaged in any way, it also affects the phone and battery.
  • Whenever you charge the phone, try charging up to 80 percent of battery life.
  • The tendency of charging a charge slightly again is not right. If the battery has less than twenty percent charge then the phone should be charged again. Charging the battery life without any reason is reduced. Again, it is not okay to let the battery be completely depleted.
  • Never use third party battery apps. Because the battery is damaged in the opposite, because these types of apps continue in the continuous background. Claiming that the phone’s ‘memory lo’, ads in the browser to install a few apps, do not fall into this trap.
  • Use power banks, which can prevent problems such as voltage disparities, short circuits, or over-charging.
  • It is best not to use the power bank while using the phone while charging it. In this case, the internal temperature of the phone increases and the battery life expectancy decreases.
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